key cutting

Key Cutting

From traditional house keys to programmable car keys, we have the solutions for you – and at a much lower cost than what you’ll pay at a dealership. We’ve even expanded our key cutting services to keep up to date with the newest technology in vehicles!

weber grills

Weber Grills

We regularly stock a full line of Weber Grills, including the Spirit and Genesis lines. We can sell it to you in a box if you want, or you can take advantage of our assembly services – we’re happy to have it ready for you to fire up when you leave the store! We’ll even deliver locally to the South Lyon area.

penske rentals

Penske Rentals

Looking for help moving your college student to school? Big move planned? We rent Penske trucks at very competitive rates. From 16’ trucks to 26’ trucks, including 1-way and round-trip rentals, we have several options for you to consider. We can even get you a car carrier to tow behind you – save yourself a trip, and come visit our Penske counter!

pipe threading & cutting

Pipe Cutting & Threading

If you’re like us, you know that not every plumbing job goes perfectly – we cut AND thread pipe to size, taking the stress out of trying to find the right combination of fittings to get the job done! We stock PVC, CPVC, galvanized pipe, black pipe, pex tubing, electrical conduit, and sprinkler line, and we can cut it all to size, giving you that perfect fit to complete your job.

paint matching

Paint Matching

We know it’s not always possible to see a color in the store that matches the color in your home perfectly. Instead of heading out to a big box store, come to Martin’s! We can color match your sample, and with the care of one-on-one customer service, get you the perfect mix of paint that matches the color you’re looking for.

screen repair

Screen Repair

We stock an extensive selection of screen and tools to make repairs that may be needed over time. Better yet, we can make the repairs for you and have your window screen or doorwall looking brand new! Sit back and let us put in the work for you!

glass cutting

Glass Cutting

If you’re looking for a piece of glass to fit into a piece of furniture, picture frame, or otherwise, we have a huge selection of both glass and plexiglass that we can cut to size. Let us know what size you need, or bring in the piece that it needs to fit into – and we’ll measure it up for you and send you out with a brand new window or frame!

sharpening services

Sharpening Services

From kitchen knives to chainsaws, we can sharpen your blades for you. Don’t worry about sending them off in the mail for a huge cost, just drop them off at Martin’s right here at home in South Lyon!

propane fill up

Propane Fill Up

Don’t get caught with steaks on the grill! We sell and fill propane tanks for your convenience. Instead of paying more money for less propane at an exchange site, just stop by Martin’s and have one of our associates fill your tank for you – it takes just a few minutes! We can fill several sizes of tanks, and we are equipped to fill up your RV.